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Written Word Editing.

Do you need help with a writing project you are currently working on? Or would you like a thoughtful and thorough edit of a project you have completed? I would like to assist you with your writing and editing needs!

I have worked as a writer, reporter, editor and teacher for almost 30 years. I understand the writing process and know what it takes to polish a piece of writing.

I provide clear, honest editing services to people in any field: academics and scholars, serious creative writers or casual writers who simply want to commit their personal stories to writing for family and future generations.

I can do proofreading and copyediting for articles or business documents, or I can offer you broader editing help for your fiction or nonfiction projects. I can also work with you to come up with fresh approaches to a writing project that has stalled or that you need help developing.

I will see your project through from beginning to end within a quick, reasonable response time. I will be available for telephone and email consultations. Let’s work together to make your writing clear, effective and engaging.

Please contact me. I would love to assist you soon!